Assassin Temple is part of the Temple Alliance. Along with the Spiritual Temple they are known as the most mysterious. Assassin Temple, Spiritual Temple and Priest Temple have the least amount of people however even if they have little in numbers this does not mean that they are weak. Similar to the other temples except for the Knight Temple they are located at the border of the Temple Alliance. The Scion of the Assassin temple is the Scion of Samsara, appearing twice in history. It is clear that they do the silent killing and scouting.

Ranking System[edit | edit source]

Rank Stage Spiritual Energy
1 Preparatory War Scholar 10-100
2 War Warrior 101-200
3 War Master 201-500
4 Grand WarMaster / War GrandMaster 501-2,000
5 Assassin 2001-4,000
6 Rogue/ Assassin Professional 4,001-10,000
7 Assassin King 10,001-30,000
8 Heroic Assassin/Emperor Assassin 30,001-100,000
9 Heroic Senior Assassin/ Heroic Assassin 100,001- 999,999
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