Sacred Awakening
Name Awakening
Also Known As Sacred Awakening, True Awakening

Awakening is the process when a person of a vocation undergoes changes to further benefit them in their vocation. In the second step of vocations, people generally go through "Sacred Awakening" which reveals their Innate Spiritual Energy. There are two types of Awakening

Sacred Awakening Edit

Look at Sacred Awakening

True Awakening Edit

This phenomenon happens to only humans blessed by the Gods with more than 90 innate spiritual energy. There are called "Scions". In this awakening, they have to be in suitable conditions to awaken eg. The Scion of Light in Illusory Palace or somewhere with incredible light attribute (Because it pleases the God of Light), The Scion of Samsara in an area reeking of blood and corpses (Pleases the God of War)

Scions Edit

Scions are categorized differently based on who blessed them.

Known Scions include:

Long Haochen, Elux (Holy Necromancer) - Scion of Light

Cai'er, The First Scion - Scion of Samsara

Nature Goddess - Scion of Nature

Chen Ying'er - Spiritual Saint Girl

After True Awakening or Inheriting a Scion's previous Stove, they can raise their innate ability to 100. If they are above the sixth step, a new pair of condensed energy wings will appear (along with the old one).

Items Required Edit

For Sacred Awakening - Awakening Stone

True Awakening - An area with suitable preferences of the God who blessed the Scion. (God of War, An area full of corpses and wars and blood and so on.)