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Bai Yue
Bai Yue.jpg
Name Bai Yue
Chinese 白玥
Also Known As
Race Demon
Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Long Xingyu (Husband)

Long Haochen (Son)
Ah’Bao (Brother)
Feng Xiu (Father)

Professional Status
Innate Spiritual Energy
Spiritual Energy
Light Novel Debut Chapter 02
Manhua Debut Chapter 05


Bai Yue and Long Haochen look very similar being mother and son. Long Haochen looks like he was carved out of her appearance. She has an exceedingly beautiful appearance which could shock anyone. She has blue eyes like her son.


Bai Yue is very kind and also has a persevering heart. She does not want to be a problem to anyone. She loves her son immensely and he means the world to her.


Bai Yue after getting pregnant, is forced to leave due to certain difficulties in secret not even alerting her husband. She faces a lot of harassment due to her beauty but manages to come to the town of Odin and become a cloth cutter with a very meager income.

Due to her weak heath Haochen has always given his Pei-Yuan Liquid to his mother without her knowing it


Bai Yue is happy as Long Haochen returns from the examination having become a Squire Knight. When Long Haochen goes to train with his new teacher Long Xingyu, she often waits for her son's visits in the weekends.

When Long Haochen comes back from Hao Yue City having become a Standard Knight, he sees Bai Yue sitting on the lap of Long Xingyu which sends him into a fit of rage as he thinks Long Xingyu is bullying his mother.

Long Xingyu restrains Bai Yue's movement and speech using his power, thus making her unable to intervene and explain and is forced to watch him fight her son. Finally after her restrains are removed she immediately embraces her son and explains that Long Xingyu is Long Haochen's father.

Thus they go to the Odin Mountain to Long Xingyu's dwelling and begin living as a family. With the Werewolf attack on the town of Odin, she is forced to part to with Long Haochen as Long Xingyu wants him to find his own wings and not grow under the protection of his parents. Bai Yue although unhappy, goes along with Long Xingyu leaves, leaving her son alone to go on his own adventures.

Differences in Manhwa[]

  • Bai Yue has blue eyes in the manga but black eyes in the light novel.