Blood Contract
Blood Contract
Name Blood Contract
Chinese 血契
Also Known As

Description Edit

Blood Contract is a contract made between a human and a magical beast which is an extremely rare form of contract. It contains both advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages mainly for the magical beast as if any harm was to occur to his human companion, this will also affect the Magical Beast and if the human were to die, so will the Magical Beast. However, if the magical beast dies, it will cause no harm to the human which it contracted with.

Uses Edit

  • Can summon the mount instantaneously.
  • Can share its capabilities with the master.
  • Increase in the Spiritual Energy of the human will increase the capabilities of the magical beast and the magical beast's evolution will boost the human's Spiritual Energy.

Haochen and Hao Yue's contract Edit

Repaying Haochen's graces by sacrificing his own blood to help Hao Yue survive, young Hao Yue with its extraordinary intelligence imitated the process Haochen did before, which was blood sacrifice which in turn resulted into the blood contract between humans and magical beasts do.

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