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Sheng Cai'er
Cai'er 4.jpg
Name Sheng Cai'er
Chinese 采儿
Also Known As Saint Daughter of Samsara

Scion of Samsara Holy Reincarnate

Race Human
Age 25
Gender Female
Hair Color Purple

Ash grey

Eye Color Ash Grey
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Sheng Lingxin (Father)

Lan Yanyu (Mother) Sheng Yue (Great-Grandfather) Long Haochen (Husband)

Professional Status
Class Assassin
Rank 9th Step Assassin
Innate Spiritual Energy 93 (Innate)

100 (Spiritual Stove of Samsara)

Spiritual Energy 7000+

3000 Outer (Chapter 371)

Occupation Demon Hunter
Affiliation Assassin Temple
Light Novel Debut Chapter 03
Manhua Debut Chapter 02

Sheng Cai is the heroine of the novel. She is also Saintess of the Assassin Temple and the daughter of Sheng Lixin. Her husband is Long Haochen.


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Cai'er has long purple hair, usually tied behind her head. She wears a black cloth on her face to cover her face, with the exception of her eyes, which possess entirely ash grey pupils.

She is a little smaller than Long Haochen when first encountered at the Holy City, noticeably thinner.

Her pure white skin has a slightly unhealthy appearance, and she wears the black clothes of an assassin.

Cai'er carries a blue bamboo stick early on in the series, but soon abandons it. She is often shown wielding a black dagger.

She is often described to have a cold appearance, but one of incredible beauty. Her figure is sharp and filled with the grace of an assassin.

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She is a very stubborn and cold person. She has an air of superiority. However she immensely cares about the people she loves, especially Long Haochen. She is willing to give up anything to be together with him.


Odin Forest[]

Cai'er 23.jpg

She first appears in the forest west of Odin, covered in bruises, dirt and blood. She happens upon Long Haochen and seeks his help. As she is a mute at the time, she converses with Long Haochen by writing lines on the ground.

Long Haochen then immediately carries her to a spot covered by bushes and covers her in herbs, thus masking her scent which is used to track her down. The pursuers loses her scent and then a white clothed assassin arrives to take back Cai'er.

Thinking that he means to do her harm, Long Haochen tries to protect but is knocked out. Cai'er squirms and the Assassin answers that he will not harm Long Haochen. Cai'er signals him that due to the courage he had shown, he is deserving of a reward and the Assassin thus using his Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove improves his potential by directly increasing power by 12 levels.

Cai'er then leaves him the 'Forget-Me-Not' ring which surprises the Assassin, whereas Cai'er gives a stubborn look indicating it will be so.

Cai'er is later reunited with Long Haochen at the demon raid qualifiers. She is accompanied by him daily after their competitions. Following Long Haochen's defeat she is incredibly agitated and seeks retributtion against the knight that defeated Haochen.

She joins Haochen's demon raid group.

Spiritual Energy[]

Rank Spiritual Energy Manhua ch. Novel ch. Age
Assassin - 3rd Rank 2590 187 14
Assassin - 4th Rank 2770 204 14
Assassin - 9th Rank 3700 273 14
Assassin - 9th Rank 3850 274 14
Assassin - 9th Rank 4000 302 14
Assassin Professional - 1st Rank 4001 305 14
Assassin Professional - 2nd Rank 5000 354 14
Assassin Professional - 5th Rank 7000 393 16
Assassin Professional - 8th Rank 8500 417 16
Assassin King - 5th Rank 20,000 485 18
Assassin King - 6th Rank 20,001 - 22,000 526 19
Heroic Assassin - 2nd Rank 190,001 716 24
Heroic Assassin - 4th Rank 400,000 767 24
Heroic Assassin - 5th Rank 460,000 - 550,000 807 24


  • During her childhood she was mute but now in the present she is blind, this is due to the Samsara Spirit Stove which take away one sense at the time.
  • She regains her sight when she finally allows her parents to hug her.
  • Later in the demon territory she sacrifices her hearing, taste and sight to defeat demons in Long Hao Chen's absence.
  • Using Samsara causes her to lose her senses for extended periods of time. They are all able to be recovered.
  • Her Thousand strike spiritual stove is capable of breaking other stoves.

Differences in Manhua[]

  • She has pinkish purple eyes in the Manhua, where as in the LN she has ashen grey eyes.
  • In the manhua she uses her spiritual stove to break Yang Wen Zhao's Starry Spiritual Stove, but in the LN she shows mercy and only heavily wounds him and his spiritual stove.