The ninth rank among knights. Besides the God Knight rank, a Divine Knight is the pinnacle among humans. Their spiritual energy allows them to exceed even abnormal human standards and can fight against the 72 Demon Pillars, or the 72 Demon Gods. They are also the only ones with potential to activate one of the Divine Thrones, no one below the Divine Knight level can activate a Divine Throne.

They are knights who received the acknowledgment of Divine Thrones. If they are not acknowledged but have crossed the 100,000 spiritual energy boundary, they are called Holy Knights.

 Known Divine Knights[edit | edit source]

  1. Long Xingyu - Adjudication and Trial - Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter (Long Haochen's Father)
  2. Long Tianying - Control and Restraint - Divine Throne of Law and Order (Long Haochen's Paternal Grandfather)
  3. Yang Haohan - Defence and Planning -Divine Throne of Protection and Mercy
  4. Long Haochen - Glory and Leadership - Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation
  5. Han Yu - Destruction and Forgiveness - Divine Throne of Fear and Sadness
  6. Zhang Fangfang - Enlightenment and Inheritance - Divine Throne of Wisdom and Spirit
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