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Divine Throne
Name Divine Throne
Also Known As
Type Divine Tool


Divine Thrones are divine tools created based in the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, which is the only Supra-Divine Tool.

To get the approval of a Divine Throne, you have to pass his trial.

The basic cost is 100,000 spiritual energy, and every Divine Throne can be used for a quarter of an hour. After this time passes, spiritual energy will be consumed persistently.

Divine Thrones[]


A long time ago, the arrival of the demon race brought destruction to all human nations, and could decimate us at any time. In this period of crisis, humans became unprecedentedly united, and established the Six Great Temples. Under the lead of all the powerhouses, we barely preserved our current territory, relying on natural strongholds to defend our last homeland. But at the current point, demons were still not firmly established, and not done adjusting. If we waited for them to become familiar with the continent and organise their new recruits born from epidemic, the destruction of humanity was bound to become inevitable.

At that time, a meteor fell from the sky, falling in the territory of our Knight Temple, and an immense throne appeared from it.

This immense throne looked elegant, and emitted a really powerful holy aura, letting out a supreme might. It was originally wrapped in the gigantic meteorite, and appeared after the latter was smashed to pieces. That meteorite was made of many kinds of metals and gems.

Our ancestors gathered all the craftsmen, alchemists and powerhouses in the whole Alliance. Using that fallen Divine Throne as a model and its might as a guide, they constructed five Divine Thrones.

At that time, the demons were invading us thoroughly. After a short time of adjustment, the demons didn’t send their armies to attack us, but instead, it was the seventy-two demon gods that came personally to attack the Alliance, under the lead of the first Demon God Emperor. We were barely able to contain the demon armies, but not the union of the seventy-two demon gods! Everywhere they passed, disaster followed, and a great number of powerhouses from the Alliance died in their hands. At the time they were about to attack the headquarters of the Alliance, they were confronted by the original Divine Throne, the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. Over fifty-two of the seventy-two demon gods were left, while the deceased ones were waiting to be resurrected in their respective pillars. For this assault, the demons didn’t bring their own pillars.

At that time, our ancestors thought humanity to be doomed. The overwhelming majority of their powerhouses were deceased in battle, and the remaining ones were scarce. And furthermore, they were scattered throughout the Alliance, and unable to make it in time to rescue the headquarters. At that time, the five Divine Thrones were still in the planning stage, and almost all artisans and blacksmiths were gathered around that Divine Throne. Let alone the Alliance’s defense being broken through, just the loss of these people at the hands of the seventy-two demon gods would be enough to be considered a fatal blow for the Alliance.

At that time, these artisans and blacksmiths witnessed a miracle among miracles.

Fifty-two demon gods were attacking the interior of our headquarters, when they saw this original Divine Throne. Of course, they sensed the great power from it, and immediately acted against the original Divine Throne, prepared to take it away.

But right at this time, the power of the original divine throne erupted. Stimulated by some force, it suddenly broke out with an incomparably resplendent light. In the sky, clouds of nine colors descended, and then, the original throne suddenly separated, taking the shape of an armor and a divine sword lit in nine colors. That armor seemed to be alive, grasping the divine sword to launch attacks at the demons. Its attacks were very simple, and their trajectory drew the shape of ten characters in the sky, each of which didn’t belong to this world’s language. In front of that, only eighteen of the fifty-two demon gods managed to leave alive. But the first generation Demon God Emperor was heavily wounded, ruining the drive of the demons.

And after that event, it entirely lost its original splendor, and has been remaining dormant in our Knight Temple for 6,000 years.