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Domain of Instant Flash
Name Domain of Instant Flash
Also Known As
Type Equipment


Domain of Instant Flash is a team gear.

The name of Domain of Instant Flash was because this piece of equipment of epic tier had, in some sense, a domain ability attached.


It was a necklace which would look very ordinary if not for its orange glint symbolic of the epic tier. It was a simple-looking silver necklace with a transparent crystal with the look of a snowflake, yet giving off a very unique feel.


The user could pour mental force into it so that the Light of Instant Flash would get attached onto him. Then, in times of battles, he would be able at anytime to teleport one’s ally to his side in a time of battle. Light of Instant Flash really reached the scope of a domain, in other words, even if the ally was trapped within a domain’s enemy, the teleportation ability would still work.

But Light of Instant Flash had some limitations as well, such as the need for acceptance of its owner for them to connect.