Shen Yin Wang Zuo Wikia
Shen Yin Wang Zuo Wikia
Elder Guardian
Elder Guardian.jpg
Also Known As
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Yellow
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Class Knight
Rank Temple/Saint Knight
Innate Spiritual Energy
Spiritual Energy
Occupation Retired Knight
Affiliation Knight Temple
Light Novel Debut Chapter 12
Manhua Debut Chapter 20


This elder has a hunchback posture and, inside his armor, he is clad with simple grey-colored clothes. He is mostly bald, but still has a few sparse and fragmentary strands of white hair. The yellow color of his eyes are very pure. The appearance of the old man is like someone who is in his last days and seemed like a gust of wind could end his life.

The old man only has a single arm with his left arm having been cut off, and he is blind in the right eye. He even has a very large scar on his face, extending from his lower jaw to the top of his head, as if his head had been split open.


He is a very calm person who is rather relaxed and enjoys the simple things.


The elder was a great Knight during his prime having been of the 7th Step and having obtained Secret Silver Foundation Warrior Armour. He had faced many battles and served well in his duties. On chapter 13 after using [Complete Brilliant Body] is was suspected by Ye Hua that he was a 8 Step Saint Knight or a least a 9th rank Temple Knight.


He guards the Knights' Sacred Mountain spending his time in retirement and manages the people entering it. Ye Hua and Gui Ying greets him and state they have come to allow Long Haochen and Gui Wu to find a mount in the Knights' Sacred Mountain. After confirming their ages, he gives them each a tile and advises and sends them off to find their mounts. He is astonished at Haochen's age as well as his ability and praises Ye Hua for raising a good disciple.

He is very surprised when Haochen returns empty handed, but consoles him. He then offers him a choice whether to summon a magical beast from the Transport Array at the summit of the Knights' Sacred Mountain or to look for a magical beast in the future. As Haochen decides to try his luck in the Transport Array, he takes him to the summit of the Knights' Sacred Mountain and helps him while he searches for a suitable magical beast. he is astonished when Haochen summons a seemingly useless Earthfire Lizard. The Elder Guardian states that the Earthfire Lizzard is of the Darkness Attribute, which would kill it right after it steps off the Knights' Sacred Mountain as it cannot exist in the Light Attribute. The Elder Guardian seeing Haochen's reluctance to give it up states the only way to cleanse the Darkness Attribute from its body is by transferring his blood to the magical beast thus changing its physique to that of Light Attribute. He is further amazed by its evolution and the intelligence displayed by it and comments that it will be a great mount to Haochen in the future.