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Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise
Name Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise
Also Known As
Type Equipment


Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise ia a magic gown. Reaching the immortal tier, and compatible with light and fire mages, it favours fire mages. Holy light is supplementing its fire’s might, thus decreasing any fire mage’s use of spiritual energy by a half, while increasing its might by twenty percent and infusing holy light properties into the mage’s fire attacks.

Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise is made by getting sewn with a fire dragon’s main bone, with a large variety of rare material added to that. These materials correspond to an item reaching a divine tool, but in the process of item-making, because the material of light and fire was burning overly fiercely, it conflicted to a certain extent, thus finally not crossing this threshold.

This Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise comes from a fire fairy’s remnants. That’s a rare fire gown, and at least in the History of the Union, it is a unique item. But it has a spiritual nature, so using it requires first gaining its approval.

The Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise is set at the marked price of 2,400,000 contribution points.


Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise was a gorgeous mage gown, colored dark gold, and adorned with gold silk embroidery, with a sumptuous golden dragon design on it. The lower part of the gown was dark gold, while the upper part was the color of pure gold. The chest part’s buckle was embedded with a fist-sized reddish-gold gem. The whole gown let out an orange lustre full of softness.


Glorious Praise[]

The gown has the attached ability Glorious Praise, usable once a day, and which requires it to be bathed under sunlight for one hour to be used. Glorious Praise will, upon use, ignite all the holy light spiritual energy within Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise to instantly produce a powerful Glorious Saint Fire, lasting for ten minutes and getting attached to all subsequent spells.