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Gold Essence Foundation Armor
Name Gold Essence Foundation Armor
Also Known As
Type Equipment


Gold Essence Foundation Armor is an armor only to knights. This Gold Essence Foundation Armor was like an immense spiritual cavity outside his body, that kept absorbing the external light essence at a frantic speed. But rather than storing it in user’s body, it was stored in the Gold Essence Foundation Armor. It coul be realized that he was able to transfer this spiritual energy at anytime for battle or cultivation.


It's like a cube only reached one sixth of a meter in height, one half-meter wide and one third of a meter in length. This volume was unremarkable, but more importantly, it spread out an orange luster, the orange color that is exclusive to the Epic Tier.

This cube didn’t have any decoration or engravement on, but let out a feeling of mystery from its straight lines.

When it is wored, in terms of imposingness, the Gold Essence Foundation Armor was not even as great as the Mythril Foundation Armor. But it had a very special tactile feel. The helmet was diamond shaped, masking his face naturally. The armor covered user’s upper body, including his shoulders. The chest part protruded a little, but besides that, the other parts didn’t look much different from ordinary battle armors. However, its lines seemed to draw out his figure perfectly.


On its own, a Gold Essence Foundation Armor can store 100,000 internal spiritual energy. This internal spiritual energy will be able to greatly accelerate your cultivation speed, and can also be used directly in times of battle. It could be said that any Saint Knight clad in an Epic Tier Gold Essence Foundation Armor is pretty close to the ninth step in strength.

he same Gold Essence Foundation Armor, when worn by a different Saint Knight, will let out an entirely different level of strength.