Gui Wu
Gui Wu 2.jpg
Name Gui Wu
Chinese 鬼武
Also Known As
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Gold
Eye Color
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Gui Ying (Father)
Professional Status
Class Knight
Rank Grand Knight - Rank 1
Innate Spiritual Energy
Spiritual Energy 501-549
Mount Scarlet Armored Earth Dragon
Occupation Student
Affiliation Xiu City Hall
Light Novel Debut Chapter 11
Manhua Debut Chapter 19

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Gui Wu is a tall youth with golden hair.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He is a very arrogant and proud person. Easily looks down on others. He does not care or respect his seniors nor his peers. He would do anything to solidify his standing, resorting to even commit violent acts.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Knights' Sacred Mountain[edit | edit source]

Gui Wu along with his father, Gui Ying enters the Knights' Sacred Mountain in order to obtain a mount and meets Ye Hua and Long Haochen. He immediately takes a disliking to both of them and as they leave he is instructed by Gui Ying to break the limbs of Haochen if he were to come across him in the Knights' Sacred Mountain.

They follow Haochen and Ye Hua closely and meets the Elder Guardian in charge of guarding the entrance to the Knights' Sacred Mountain. After being introduced and his age is inspected enabling his qualification, he enters the Knights' Sacred Mountain to find a mount.

A Scarlet Armored Earth Dragon becomes the mount of Gui Wu and when they come across Long Haochen, Gui Wu attacks him in order to brake all of his limbs. However he is stopped by a Starlight Unicorn, causing him to retreat and return to the entrance of the Knights' Sacred Mountain.

Gui Ying and Gui Wu, although can leave, sticks around to find what kind of Magical beast Haochen has obtained. After seeing him return empty handed they become very happy and leaves.

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