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Gui Ying
Gui Ying 2.jpg
Name Gui Ying
Chinese 鬼影
Also Known As
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Gold
Eye Color
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Gui Wu (Son)
Professional Status
Class Airborn Knight
Innate Spiritual Energy
Spiritual Energy
Mount Dragon Eagle
Occupation Hall Master
Affiliation Xiu City Hall
Light Novel Debut Chapter 11
Manhua Debut Chapter 19


He is a middle aged man with long golden hair spread out behind. He has a rather feminine face with a pair of sensual eyes which gives the impression of thinking highly of himself.


Gui Ying is a very arrogant person who thinks highly of himself. He holds deep grudges and looks down anyone who he considers to be inferior to him.


Gui Ying followed behind Ye Hua when he was young as he was considered a genius. He tried to get him to teach him secret methods of cultivation thinking that Ye Hua was taught such methods, and gets slapped by Ye Hua for his arrogance and persistence which causes him to have a deep grudge. When it was revealed that during Sacred Awakening that Ye Hua had a very low Innate Internal Spiritual Energy, he worked with others to get him kicked out of the school.


Knights' Sacred Mountain[]

Gui Ying accompanies his son, Gui Wu and enters the Knights' Sacred Mountain in order to obtain a mount for Gui Wu. He meets Ye Hua and Long Haochen. He greets Ye Hua, taunting him about his past and after Ye Hua leaves, instructs Gui Wu to break the limbs of Haochen if he were to come across him in the Knights' Sacred Mountain.

They follow Haochen and Ye Hua closely and meets the Elder Guardian in charge of guarding the entrance to the Knights' Sacred Mountain. He introduces himself and his son and allows the Elder Guardian to send Gui Wu into the Knights' Sacred Mountain to find a mount and waits behind. When Gui Ying proposes a wager on who gets a better mount, Ye Hua changes it to who would get a better position in the upcoming tournament with the loser receiving a slap.

Gui Ying and Gui Wu, although can leave sticks around to find what kind of Magical beast Haochen has obtained. After seeing him return empty handed they become very happy and after reminding Ye Hua about the bet, he leaves.