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Hao Yue
Hao Yue 6.jpg
Name Hao Yue
Chinese 皓月
Status Alive
Species God of Heavenly Wrath
Rank 6th Step Peak Rank Spiritual Energy = 4000 Inner (ch 343)

8th Step Spiritual Energy = 30,001 Inner (Chapter 425)
9th Step Spiritual Energy = 640,000 - 730,000 Inner (Chapter 767)
20,000 Outer (Chapter 425)

Attribute Fire
Partner Long Haochen

Description[edit | edit source]

Hao Yue , also called Austin Griffin, is a Nine Headed Chimera and the God of Destruction called God of Heavenly Wrath.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Single Head (Newly born)[edit | edit source]

It was a lizard, a little more than a meter tall, with a layer of thin black scales covering its skin. These scales formed an exotic shape somewhat resembling a trapezoid. Two arcs were formed from both sides and linked together, forming a final shape quite similar to that of a tower shield like those used by heavy armored knights.

On the body of this lizard, there were dozens of criss-crossed scars, its blood was flowing all around, and a big bulge could be seen on its neck, buckling upwards. This bulge was almost as thick as its neck.

Rank: 2nd Step

Dual Heads (Mature state)[edit | edit source]

There was a drastic increase in the size of its body, the scales also underwent fantastic changes, from their originally flat and slippery appearance, they became sharper and longer, visibly thicker. The most peculiar change was on the bulge above its neck, this bulge, unexpectedly, expanded together with the rest of the body into a second head which was identical to the first, except for the color of the eyes which were golden. Its body grew two meters long from its former length of a meter.

After the evolution, its four main limbs became much thicker and the shell on its back more resistant. Its new appearance after the evolution, resulting in this pair of heads, did not look handicapped anymore like it used to because of the former bulge on its neck. After having evolved, by the root of the neck of the second head, a new bulge appeared . Only, it was not as big as the former bulge, it was just the size of a fist.

Rank: 4th Step Middle Rank

Triple Heads[edit | edit source]

His body became around 4 meters and was referred as an alligator/crocodile. He also had several bulges around his body showing at least 2 more heads would come out. As it reached the high/peak rank his body grew to a little more than 5 meters and right before evolving Hao Chen notice that his body had grown to about 8 meters.

Rank: 6th Step Middle > High > Peak

Five Heads (Complete state)[edit | edit source]

His originally ten meter long build started once again to expand, and the scales on his body grew even more thick. His bones becoming bulkier, each of his head started to enlarge along with his body, and the same went for his neck.

A sound close to broken li suddenly rang, and the two massive bulges on Haoyue’s back suddenly split open, oozing a large clump of deep purple coloured blood. These were two meters wide immense wings, with a wingspan of six meters. On Haoyue’s wings were no feathers, looking closer to a bat’s wings. Yet it was incomparably more solid than a bat’s, the exterior bone being of massive thickness, completely deep purple in color, just like the color of the eyes on his fifth head. The broken parts on his new wings healed at an astonishing speed, and thick scales started to grow from these wings, extending from within.

Along with the appearance of these wings, Haoyue now reached fifteen meters in height.

This new head was like the other four in size, but the greatest difference lied on the top of this head. The horn was very peculiar, it was like a chrysanthemum, blossoming above. And right in the center of this flower was a character rarely seen in the current Shengmo Dalu, “关”.

The eyes on this large head were all dark purple, but there was some notable difference on this color compared to the purple emitted from Haoyue’s whole body before. The aura emitted from Haoyue’s body and the color of all his eyes changed, turning light purple. But the purple color on these eyes was a lot darker.

Rank: 7th Step

Six Heads[edit | edit source]

His scales evolved to a look close to amethyst. Every scale became fully rounded, gradually revealing three corners on the upper surface. Every single scale gave off a magnificent feeling.

The newborn sixth head was shining in yellow color, looking a bit close to a cracked tomato. The inside seemed to emit a reddish brown colored light. This time, Haoyue’s evolution didn’t enlarge his body further, but seemed instead to make it shrink. His original mountain shaped body gradually made an odd change, his form close to a lizard’s turning closer to a form of dragon, with a less swollen look and much more dignified. Adding that to the purple crystal-like scales, he gave out an indescribable feeling of beauty.

Eight Heads[edit | edit source]

It had a mountainous body, strange, purple and iridescent scales and a terrifying aura, as well as eight huge heads that represented eight different elements. Each scale was rough the size of two hands, and the crests on each scale turned into nine criss-crossing crests..

The left head was dark-golden, with only a single eye. From the top of its head down its neck, there was a neat line of huge, dark golden spikes. The spike at the very top was the largest, spanning two meters in length. The cold, metallic lustre was chilling. The single eye constantly shone with a golden lustre.

The other head was black and purple, with a ball of lightning constantly flickered near its single horn. The single horn on the huge head was very special. Below, it was jagged like lightning, while the top was a ball.

Nine Heads[edit | edit source]

it was a colossal body over ten thousand meters long. The colossal body was covered in huge scales that spanned several dozen meters across. Its four thick limbs seemed like it could make the ground collapse at any time.

A huge pair of wings unfurled, also spanning almost ten thousand meters. The most terrifying part about it was that nine, huge heads protruded from its thick neck. the nine heads seemed so foreign, because every single one of them had lost their original colour. All that was left was the greyness filled with destruction and madness.

The ninth head was completely grey and almost twice as large as all the other heads. A heavy aura of death constantly shone from its eyes, while the gazes of the eight other heads would reflected the same thing in the central head.

Human Form[edit | edit source]

He had long, purple hair and wore a set of magnificent, purple robes. His slender figure was extremely beautiful, but he had a pair of grey eyes filled with a deathly stillness. What was even more shocking was that his appearance was exactly the same as Long Haochen’s.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Hao Yue is extremely loyal and will not hesitate to put himself in danger to help his loved ones. He is completely devoted to Long Haochen. It is a very intelligent magical beast and each of its heads can think independently of its own. It acts very childish most of the time and sticks close to Haochen whenever possible. Hao Yue has a huge appetite and spends most of its time eating or sleeping.

Heads[edit | edit source]

He will have 9 possible heads in the future, as for now:

  • Little Flame (Red Head with Fire Attribute)
  • Little Light (Gold Head with Light Attribute)
  • Little Green (Green Head with Wind Attribute)
  • Little Blue (Blue Head with Ice Attribute)
  • Little Purple (Purple Head with Poison Attribute)
  • Little Yellow (White Head Appearance Yellow Eyes with Earth Attribute)
  • Little Gold (Gold Head with Metal Attribute)
  • Little Thunder (Purplish Blue Head with Lightning Attribute)
  • Austin Griffin (Grey Head with Destruction Attributte)

History[edit | edit source]

Origin (Related by him)[edit | edit source]

After the big band, my consciousness appeared. Similar to me, another consciousness appeared at the same time. He was much more powerful than I was. As soon as he appeared, he possessed unmatched power. He was called Creation. Back then, I was just too weak, so I could only attach myself to him and watch him create the entire world. The realms were silently split open by him one by one and he gradually granted life to these realms. There were plants and animals. The aura of life evolved and grew in each realm, allowing them to gain the aura of creation.

Creation told me that his proudest work was a species. The species was called humans. Although humans were not powerful, they were a race which Creation had granted a part of his power of creation, allowing these humans to create and learn. Creation said that one day, the humans would break free from the realms and bring the power of creation to places even further away.

But for some reason, I really hated his tone and his creation. Even though he was much more powerful than me, his powers were exhausted very quickly in order to create the realms, until he perished in the end. He left behind many things that possessed his aura and he had created countless other things as well. However, didn’t he still perish in the end? The most despicable part about him was that before he died, he actually set down a seal on my body, sealing my soul so I could never reach his level. He even said that my nature was destruction, a twin that accompanied him. He did not to destroy me, but he did not want me to destroy his creations either.

I used my own methods to turn into a creature he created, using the special characteristic of growth that the creature possessed to gradually nullify the seal on me. Finally, I succeeded in a realm. I regained the powers that belonged to me. I regained my original body. I am the God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine-headed chimera, Austin Griffin.

Demons Origin[edit | edit source]

The story starts seven thousand years ago in a realm extremely similar to the Shengmo Dalu. Perhaps the creatures there were different, but the rulers of that world were also humans. The entire continent would regularly experience conflict, but it was basically all under the humans’ control. In that realm, forests and lakes took up an extremely large area. It was even prettier than the Shengmo Dalu right now. This continued until one day, the appearance of a powerful existence changed it all.

This powerful existence was Austin Griffin. When it first appeared, it only had three heads. While it was not weak, it was just a slightly stronger magical beast in the eyes of the humans that it encountered. There were even humans who tried to kill it, but it managed to flee craftily.

As time went on, Austin Griffin began to evolve slowly. Gradually, it gained a fourth and a fifth head. Because of the humans’ attempts to hunt it down, it began to learn how to bide its time, hiding in the safe depths of the forest and slowly evolving its powers. When it appeared before the humans again, it already possessed six heads, which were six elements. It had already become rather powerful then. Regular human powerhouses were nowhere close to being its opponent.

It began slaughtering humans in revenge. Despite its intelligence, it was still unable to take on the human powerhouses, while its cultivation continued to evolve at a steady pace. After a hundred years, it finally grew its eighth head. At that time, it believed it was powerful enough, so it no longer hid anymore, fully displaying its terrifying power of destruction. Its terrifying strength made it almost invincible. After causing several massacres, it finally raised the attention of the humans. A large quantity of human powerhouses from that realm gathered together and began to hunt it down. Finally, they trapped it in a valley and engaged in an intense battle.

The eight-headed Austin Griffin was very powerful, but there was just too many humans. After a battle that lasted for two days and two nights, Austin Griffin was finally defeated and heavily wounded. However, it had to be mentioned that with eight heads, it was already rather powerful, so it managed to escape. Its escape also happened to be the biggest mistake that the humans of that realm had committed, leading to destruction of all life in that realm.

After escaping, Austin Griffin engaged in secluded cultivation, using over another century to recover. It knew that it was not powerful enough to dominate the entire realm. As a result, it hid away and continued to cultivate, until over another century later, it finally completed its final breakthrough, finally awakening. It reappeared on the continent and this time, it became synonymous with destruction.

There was destruction, endless destruction. When Austin Griffin appeared in that realm again, the entire continent faced a terrifying storm of destruction. Austin Griffin was just too powerful, so powerful that nothing could oppose it. Nothing could oppose its terrifying destruction. In less than a month, it had killed all of the creatures over a third of the continent. Whether it were plants, magical beasts or regular creatures, they were all reduced to nothing before its aura of destruction. A third of the continent lost everything that once lived there, unable to recover ever again.

The humans also experienced great fear. However, there were a tremendous number of human powerhouses in that realm back then. There were even over a dozen half-god existences who forcefully suppressed their cultivation from breaking through. It was possible to say that there were even more powerhouses in that realm than what the Shengmo Dalu currently has. Just the powerhouses on par to the Demon God Emperor reached double digits. They had tried using their strongest powerhouses against Austin Griffin, but all of it failed. The Austin Griffin at that time had already become a symbol of invincibility, unable to fall in battle. Even true gods were not its opponent after awakening its ninth head.

In order to stop its destruction, for the sake of the future of humanity, all of the human powerhouses gathered together. With the force of several tens of thousand people, they gathered the most valuable resources and wealth humanity had to offer. While Austin Griffin was destroying the continent, they used a month to create a great array specifically designed against Austin Griffin. On the day the array was completely, all the human powerhouses who created the array, over ten thousand of them, died. They used their essence blood to nurture the might of the array. The array was known as the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. It was also during that short month that Austin Griffin destroyed another third of the continent. Over half of all creatures in that realm had died to its terrifying aura of destruction. Finally, it arrived before the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. It was just too proud, so proud that it refused to believe anything in that realm could stand up against it. As a result, it finally ended up in the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens, and it was finally sealed within the array, without any way of breaking out.

Austin Griffin’s pride forbid it from being sealed like this. It was unwilling, unwilling to accept its fate of just being sealed there for all of eternity. The God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens was composed of seventy-two divine tools, with three supra divine tool in the core of the array, forming a great cage. Unable to destroy the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens after a desperate struggle, Austin Griffin did something to destroy all the remaining humans and creatures. It paid its own life as the price to drag the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens down with him.

It used its colossal body to violently ram against the array. Finally, in the moment the array shattered, its body was destroyed as well. The terrifying force of destruction became the most terrifying power of destruction, sweeping through the entire continent and completely killing all creatures on the continent in another terrifying calamity. The God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens had completely shattered and when it shattered, it split open the space of that realm, allowing the seventy-two divine tools that formed the array to pass through space in the form of seventy-two Demon God Pillars that formed the cage, finally arriving in another realm. That realm was called the Shengmo Dalu.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Knights' Sacred Mountain[edit | edit source]

Hao Yue completed the Contract of Equals and was summoned by Long Haochen using the Teleportation Array. He instantly took a liking to Haochen. As he is of the Darkness Attribute, Haochen using the contract of equals transfuses his blood into him in order to change his physique. Although it is extremely painful, he hangs on trusting Haochen. Slowly the darkness attribute disappears from his body, although it takes many minutes for it to be completely washed away at which point, most of Haochen's blood is lost causing him to tether into the realm of death. Following the completion of the transfusion process he evolved, the appearance changing drastically with another head emerging and the rank increasing to a 4th Step Middle Rank magical beast.

After the evolution he who had stopped Ye Hua earlier from helping Haochen transfuses his own blood back into Haochen in order for him to regain back his strength and makes a Blood Contract. He is then named as Hao Yue by Haochen.

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