This is a timeline of the major occurrences that occurred in the past.

13,000 years ago Edit

  • Mankind gained dominance in the Sheng Mo Continent.
  • Tens of countries were formed.
  • Each country developed their own technology and agriculture.
  • People lived at peace, at ease, and the continent flourished.

7,000 - 13,000 years ago Edit

  • Warfare erupted between the countries.
  • 10 countries were involved in unceasing warfare.
  • The number of countries decreased forming 3 big countries.
  • These 3 countries constantly engaged in battle.

7,000 years ago Edit

  • Nine stars aligned, and an enormous void rift in the sky appeared at the east of the mainland.
  • This brought about the arrival of 72 Demon Gods bringing plagues from their demonic breath.
  • 100 days of poisonous gas was released thus causing all who were infected by it to undergo enormous biological variations, be it humans, wild beasts or magical beasts turning them into demonic beings who obeyed the command of the Demon Gods.
  • The mankind faced near extinction and entered a Dark Age.

3,000 years ago Edit

  • Formation of the Temple Alliance with 6 Temple Halls.
  • Obtaining a quarter of the continent for human population.
  • Stabilization of power between the Demon Race and mankind.
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