Knight is one of the class a person can choose from knight they can later choose to be a Retribution Knight or a Guardian Knight. This class mainly uses swords. Knights have also developed a medicine called Pei-Yuan Liquid this is the medicine that knights below the age of 15 use to help them progress with their training. After becoming a knight the knight will advance following the Knight's Ranking System.

The qualities that a knight requires are modesty, honesty, pity, bravery, fairness, sacrifice, honor, dedication, love and justice.

The two common weapons used by knights are Heavy Swords and Lances

Retribution Knight[edit | edit source]

Retribution Knights focus on attack. They wield dual weapons and fight with the combination of their mounts and their offensive holy arts. Their fighting capabilities are very high and their strength in the battlefield surpasses the strength of soldiers and assassins of the same rank.

Guardian Knight[edit | edit source]

Guardian Knights give priority to defense. They wield a weapon in a hand, a shield in the other one, and are the core of teams. They are proficient with assisting and recovery holy arts. Their fighting capabilities are perhaps weaker than Retribution Knights’, but in collaborations, the Guardian Knights’ utility is way higher than Retribution Knights.

Airborne Knight[edit | edit source]

Those that posses flying battle mount are known as Airborne Knights. Genuinely Airborne Knights are stronger than other knights within the same rank.

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