Knights' Sacred Mountain
Knights' Sacred Mountain
Name Knights' Sacred Mountain
Chinese 骑士圣山
Also Known As Knights' Holy Mountain

Description Edit

The Knights’ Sacred Mountain is the magical land the Knight Temple was established on. The mountain is located in the northeast of the Temple Alliance. This mountain range is a cornerstone that several generations established after great efforts. More precisely, the Knights’ Sacred Mountain is, in itself, a huge magical array. Inside of its range, all the magical beasts become friendly with humans, while their power is restricted.

There are guardians that protect the Sacred Mountain. These guardians of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain are all at least seventh step knights from the Alliance who completed their personal task, got a suit of Secret Silver Foundation Warrior Armor, enjoying their life in retirement there.

Magical Beasts and Mounts Edit

In the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, the oldest magical beasts can even communicate mentally. Each human who enters the mountain has to be below 20 years old, his spiritual energy must have reached the 200th level, he must have undergone the Sacred Awakening, and he must also have the approval of the Knight Temple to get close enough to these magical beasts in order to obtain a mount.

The vast majority of the magical beasts in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain won’t attack humans, but there are some with a violent temperament that will warn you as soon as you step into their territory. If one is to meet this kind of magical beast, the tile provided by the Temple will inform the person to some extent.

Transport Array Edit

Transport Array

The summit of Knights' Sacred Mountain contains a large Transport Array which can summon Magical Beasts from other worlds to it. It is present within a cavern. The cavern is enormous with the roof at 200 feet high and the cave having an irregular circular shape with a diameter of at least 1000 feet.

Summoning a mount from the Transport Array requires a Contract of Equals where the contract is nullified only upon the death of the mount. A person can search for 15 minutes within the Transport Array to find a magical beast and form a contract of equals.

Magical Beasts Edit

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