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Lin Jialu
Lin Jia Lu.jpg
Name Lin Jialu
Chinese 林佳璐
Also Known As
Race Human
Age 22
Gender Female
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Lin Yinjia (Father)
Professional Status
Class Mage
Rank Grand Mage
Innate Spiritual Energy
Spiritual Energy
Light Novel Debut Chapter 08
Manhua Debut Chapter 15


Lin Jialu is a very beautiful girl who is ladylike and clever looking. She has white skin, of medium build, long light blue colored hair letting loose behind her back, graceful eyebrows, beautiful nose, a pair of perfect, identical blue eyes, and has a gentle face.


Lin Jialu has a domineering personality and hates to lose. She is commanding and proud.


Li Xin and Lin Jialu were childhood friends, and at one point in their life they fell in love with the same person which caused their relationship to deteriorate due to the lies told by that specific person and caused them to become enemies who entangled with each other in many instances.


Meeting Long Haochen[]

Lin Jialu meets with Li Xin and Long Haochen and immediately gets into an argument with Li Xin. After they are stopped from fighting by an attendant of Lin Jialu, Li Xin makes a bet with her by pitting Haochen against one of Lin Jialu's attendants stating that Haochen will defeat him. Lin Jialu accepts the bet and puts the Radiant Shield on the line against Li Xin's Magic Crystal from a light element 5th Ranked Elegant Gold Tiger.

When Haochen requests her to fight with him rather than him fighting Xu Tiankong, she accepts after Li Xin gives approval. She is then defeated causing her to be shocked, but keeps her end of the deal and gives up the Radiant Shield.