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Lin Xin
Lin Xin 10
Name Lin Xin
Also Known As Master Lin
Race Human
Age 18-19
Gender Male
Height taller than Long Hao Chen
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Dark Green
Personal Status
Status Active
Professional Status
Class Mage
Rank 6th Step Mage
Innate Spiritual Energy 70+
Spiritual Energy 6000+
Mount none
Occupation Mage
Light Novel Debut
Manhua Debut Chapter 53

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

He has a high self esteem of himself and he is quite smart. But he is quite docile to people he cares and loves.

History Edit

He has an affinity for fire. Because of a tragedy which occurred to his father he does not use offensive fire magic.  He is constantly made fun of for being a magician who can not attack. He uses defensive magic very well such as repel ring of fire.

Plot Edit

Long Haochen first meets Lin Xin at an auction house. Lin Xin has a history of producing pills that affects such as: jade body protection pill, a peak 3rd step pill. It increases defensive spiritual energy by 500 units for a 1/4 hour. One pill sells for 1800 gold. Other pills he makes can be consumed as one pill a day to increase spiritual energy by 10 units. If his pills are taken randomly during battle they can help recover 200 units of inner spiritual energy in 10 seconds.

He strikes a deal with Long Haochen wen Hao Yue insists on getting a hold of an unknown stone orb that is being auctioned. Lin Jialu buys the stone for Haochen to settle a debt she owed him for saving her life. This left Lin Xin disappointed that he couldn't buy the stone orb for Hoachen in order to make a deal with him. Instead he trades Haochen 3 vials of pills for the promise that Haochen will select him as a member of his demon raid team. The deal is struck, Lin Xin is satisfied because he fears he will not get into a strong enough demon raid team which would allow him to explore ruins in demon territory.

During the demon raid competition, he uses a fire cloud crystal. In his first match, he agrees to do more showmanship style competition not wishing to hurt his female opponent. He wins with a dazzling fire hearts. He wins by convincing his opponents to concede, till he faces Cai’er for which he concedes. He does not advance to the top 10. After Long Haochen finishes in first place in the competition Haochen chooses Lin Xin as his team member. This causes a misunderstanding with Cai’er who conceded 2 fights so she would not come in the top 3, so she could be Haochen’s teammate.

Trivia Edit

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