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Long Xingyu
Long Xing Yu 9.jpg
Name Long Xingyu
Chinese 龙星宇
Also Known As Divine Knight Adjudicator
Race Human
Age 60+
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Bai Yue (Wife)

Long Haochen (Son)

Professional Status
Class Retribution Knight
Rank Divine Knight
Innate Spiritual Energy 77
Spiritual Energy 100,001+
Light Novel Debut Chapter 01
Manhua Debut Chapter 02

Long Xingyu is a Divine Knight Adjudicator and is wields the Divine Throne of Slaughter. He is the father of Long Haochen.


He looks about 30 years old, wears a simple and plain robe, but has a pair of eyes that are as bright as stars.


He is very knowledged and powerful and thus has a strict personality. He is honor bound and would not hesitate to help out people in need.



Odin Mountain[]

Long Xingyu appears following the Long Haochen's battle against Jiang Hu appraising Long Haochen's strength.

The following day, Long Xingyu introduces himself to Long Haochen as his new teacher and takes him to Odin Mountain to train him.

For the next year Long Xingyu, taught various things to Long Haochen, including sword styles, abilities, history and constantly pushing boundaries to make him stronger, making him meditate rather than sleep, soak him in medicinal baths and secretly pitch him against magical beasts. After one year, he sends Long Haochen to Hao Yue City to receive the Standard Knight examination and to complete a 2nd Ranked mission in the Adventurer's Guild.

When Haochen returns a day early from his assignment, he sees Bai Yue sitting on Xingyu's lap causing Haochen to become enraged and attack him. Xingyu restrains Bai Yue from interfering and meets Haochen's charge and easily subdue him and then reveals that he is Haochen's father. The three of them, then move to the house in the Odin Mountain since there doesn't need to be any secrets anymore.

Using the Awakening Stone, Xingyu, helps Haochen to undergo the Sacred Awakening, despite him not being at the peak of a Standard Knight. Haochen achieves an Innate Spiritual Energy of 97, which changes the color of his eyes to golden. This shocks Xingyu and he forbids him from revealing it to anyone, although he is very ecstatic of the outcome. Haochen is given the choice to choose to be either a Guardian Knight or a Retribution Knight, of which he picks Guardian Knight. However since he wishes to fight the 72 Demon Gods as well, Xingyu wishes to teach him both Guardian Knight and Retribution Knight skills since he has the physique of the Scion of Light.

2 years pass by with Haochen strenuously practicing the abilities of a Retribution Knight. One day Xingyu senses an attack on the town of Odin by the Demon Race and go with Haochen to witness it. Haochen wishes to go fight them but is stopped by Xingyu who reveals his true might as the Divine Knight Adjudicator revealing the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter and utterly annihilates the Werewolves who attacked the town of Odin.

Long Xingyu bestows Haochen the Saint Spiritual Stove and an Inheritance Ring and tells him to enroll in the Hao Yue Hall to train as a Guardian Knight. While Haochen is binding with the Saint Spiritual Stove, he leaves along with Bai Yue to carry out his duties as a Divine Knight, to fight against the Demon God Anan.