Mage is one of the class a person can belong to, each mage would have a element that they specialize in, some would specialize in more than one element.

The most practical type of spiritual stove for a mage was an elemental spiritual stove. Every magic element could create a spiritual stove. Once an elemental spiritual stove was obtained, this type of spiritual stove could actually turn into a small fairy which could assist their partner in battle. Elemental spiritual stoves could normally evolve up to three times, and first rate elemental spiritual stoves could evolve four times.

An elemental fairy’s power was closely related to the owner’s strength. Having one was basically like having another person to do incantations for you, but it also consumed the owner’s spiritual energy. Simply put, an elemental fairy could consume the owner’s spiritual energy to use magic, assisting its master in either offense or defense. With the evolution of elemental fairies, their greatest asset is amplifying their master’s magic strength and reducing spiritual energy consumption.