Mage Temple is part of the Temple Alliance and is located at the border of the Temple Alliance, they are known to be the richest of the 6 temples. It is presumed that they are most wise and knowledgeable. It is also assumed that they are the ones that supply the 'artillery'.

Ranking System Edit

Rank Stage Spiritual Energy
1 Mage's Assistant 10-100
2 Magical Student 101-200
3 Genuine Mage 201-500
4 Grand Mage 501-2,000
5 Magic Leader 2001-4,000
6 Chief Mage 4,001-10,000
7 Magic Grandmaster 10,001-30,000
8 Saint Mage Tutor 30,001-100,000
9 God of Magic 100,001- 999,999
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