Shen Yin Wang Zuo Wikia

The Mage Temple is part of the Temple Alliance and is located at the border of the Temple Alliance, they are known to be the richest of the 6 temples. It is presumed that they are most wise and knowledgeable. It is also assumed that they are the ones that supply the 'artillery'.

Ranking System[]

Rank Stage Spiritual Energy
1 Mage's Assistant 10-100
2 Magical Student 101-200
3 Genuine Mage 201-500
4 Grand Mage 501-2,000
5 Magic Leader 2001-4,000
6 Chief Mage 4,001-10,000
7 Magic Grandmaster 10,001-30,000
8 Saint Mage Tutor 30,001-100,000
9 God of Magic 100,001- 999,999