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Magical Beast are divided in to two category: 

  • Wild beasts: Any magical beast without a master. Range from step 1-10 at least (ch 77)
  • Mounts: Magical beast that are partners to knights that support them and help them in combat. They range from step 1-9 at least. (Ch 19)


Their steps are measured differently that humans. It was stated that generally a magical beast (Wild Magical Beast and Demons) will be stronger than a human of the same level but they have been showed to be around the same except for the Dragon King which is a 10 step magical beast equivalent to a high level Divine knight. It has been confirm that at higher levels, mounts are weaker than humans of the same step.

Example for Mounts:

  • Beast Step 2 being around a step 2 knight. (Hao yue)
  • Beast Step 4 being around a step 3 Knight. (Auster frost bear)
  • Beast Step 5 around the same as a step 4 Knight (rose unicorn)
  • Beast Step 6 around the same as a step 5 Knight (adolescent Rose Unicorn)
  • Beast step 7 being around a step 6 knight. (Ch 19)
  • Beast step 9 being at least quivalent  to a step 7 knight. (Ch 19) (Devil Dragon 9 step=8 step knights)
  • Beast step 10 being around a 9 step knight (Ch 78)

Every step contains 4 ranks: Elementary (low or basic), Intermediate (middle), High, Peak