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Nalan Shu
Nalan Shu.jpg
Name Nalan Shu
Chinese 纳兰庶
Also Known As Fat Bastard
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 2.64m
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Status Active
Professional Status
Class Knight
Rank Earth Knight
Innate Spiritual Energy
Spiritual Energy 2,000+
Occupation Head Master of Knight Hall of Hao Yue
Affiliation Hao Yue Hall
Light Novel Debut Chapter 04
Manhua Debut Chapter 06


Nalan Shu is a 2.64 meter tall man, who looks very strong but is a little overweight.


Nalan Shu is kind and trusting. He treats others with care.


Nalan Shu's life was once saved in the battlefield by Ye Hua and so he is eternally grateful to him and considers him a close friend.


Meeting Long Haochen[]

Nalan Shu meets with Long Haochen brought to him by Li Xin and after reading Long Xingyu's letter, he takes Haochen to the examination area in order to take the Standard Knight Examination. He then acts as the referee between Li Xin's and Long Haochen's battle.

Nalan Shu is amazed at how Haochen is able to withstand Li Xin's attacks by using abilities that only Radiant Knights possess. Having completed the tasks, he hands Haochen a Standard Knight insignia and an Awakening Stone.

Hao Yue Hall[]

A year and half later, Nalan Shu again meets with Haochen and excitedly inquires whether it was Haochen's teacher the Divine Knight who annihilated the Werewolves from the Demon Race the other day. He reads the letter left to him by Xingyu after receiving it and although a bit confused allows Haochen to enroll in Hao Yue Hall and train as a Guardian Knight.

Haochen is brought to him by Ye Hua, who reveals that he will be dedicating his total time to train Haochen away from the others in secret. Nalan Shu agrees and takes over Ye Hua's teaching of other Guardian Knights.


Only, Zombie Face, I don’t want you to be too impatient and eager on your quest for success. Regardless of the circumstances, you cannot harm this child. After all, being excessively enthusiastic will only have the opposite effect.

—Nalan Shu, to Ye Hua after he accepts Long Haochen as a disciple.