Radiant Shield
Radiant Shield
Name Radiant Shield
Chinese 光耀之盾
Also Known As
Type Shield

Description Edit

It is a circular shield about 0.83 meters (two chis, five cuns) in diameter, a medium-sized shield. The whole shield is dark silver colored, making it look somewhat ancient.

At the center of the shield, there is a round gem about the size of an egg of pigeon, which is a Harmony Crystal. The gem gives off a pale gold color. Using the crystal as the center, a sun was engraved on the shield with patterns fanning out all the way to the edge. The shield is not too heavy. There is a pure light aura emitting from it.

Behind the shield, there is not just a simple handle; it is something similar to a gauntlet. Inside the gauntlet, there are a series of buttons to adjust its size so that it can be adjusted to best fit its user.

Use Edit

  • The Radiant Shield, by itself, can defend against direct attacks of opponents with a spiritual energy level lower than 300. After pouring one's internal spiritual energy, it will be enhanced.

  • The light aura coming from the shield can protect you against negative effects from most magic spells.

  • It is also very powerful when combined with some of a Guardian Knight’s skills.

  • <p align="justify">With the Harmony Crystal, as long as the shield does not take too much damage, it should be able to repair itself.

  • The shield might not be the strongest shield under the fifth rank, but it is definitely the most practical magic shield.

Plot Edit

The Radiant Shield originally belonged to Lin Jialu's shop. Li Xin made a bet with Lin Jialu, with the Radiant Shield on the line. Long Haochen thus defeated Lin Jialu in a fight and thus Li Xin obtained the Shield which then she gifted to Haochen.