Sacred Awakening
Sacred Awakening
Name Sacred Awakening
Chinese 神圣觉醒
Also Known As

Description Edit

Sacred Awakening is a process undergone by everyone having reached the peak of the 2nd step of their vocation. The Awakening Stone is required to undergo this process. The higher the Innate Internal Spiritual Energy will be if the person has a higher mental capacity and rules of understanding of their own vocation.

The Sacred Awakening determines the aptitude of a person, as to how strong they can become in the future. Failure will cause drastic damages to the body.

Innate Internal Spiritual Energy Edit

During the Sacred Awakening process, the Innate Internal Spiritual Energy is measured. This classifies the person by different name according to their vocation.

Knights Edit

  • 70-79: Physique of Angel
  • 80-89: Physique blessed by the Gods
  • 90-99: Scion of Light

Assassins Edit

  • 90-99: Daughter of Samsara
  • 100: Saint Daughter of Samsara

Summoner Edit

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