Scarlet Armored Earth Dragon
Scarlet Armored Dragon
Name Scarlet Armored Earth Dragon
Chinese 地赤龙
Status Alive
Species Inferior Dragon
Rank 4th step (young)-7th Step SE 4,000+(Adult)
Attribute Fire
Partner Gui Wu

Appearance Edit

It is 20 feet long and 15 feet tall magical beast. It has a red colored body and is entirely covered by thick scales, making it very sturdy.

Description Edit

A Scarlet Armored Earth Dragon is a seventh step magical beast belonging to the inferior-dragon species. Gui Wu's Scarlet Shelled Earth is under-aged. It cannot fly but, on the ground, it is extremely powerful in terms of fighting capability. It is a beast of the fire attribute.

Plot Edit

The Scarlet Armored Earth Dragon selects Gui Wu as his companion and in the Knights' Sacred Mountain and when they come across Long Haochen, it attacks him on Gui Wu's command. However he is stopped by a Starlight Unicorn, causing it to retreat.