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Sima Xian
Sima Xian 6
Name Sima Xian
Also Known As
Race Human
Age 17-18
Gender Male
Height 2m+
Hair Color
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Professional Status
Class Priest
Rank 6 step
Innate Spiritual Energy 80+
Spiritual Energy 4001+
Mount none
Affiliation 21st General Demon hunting team
Light Novel Debut Chapter 74
Manhua Debut Chapter 56

Description Edit

Sima Xian is one of seven members of the General Demon Hunting Team, lead by Long Haochen. Despite being a priest, he lacks the ability to heal, and typically uses melee skills rather than healing spells.

Appearance Edit

He is over two meters tall, and described to have an unrefined appearance. His back is particularly broad and his bulging muscles tend to stretch his clothes taut. He possess sword-like eyebrows, which cover his "ferocious, tiger-like" eyes, and his face is straight. He also possesses a tall nose, squarish jaw, and a bald head, all of which make him seem imposing to others.

He is shown wearing the white robes of a priest early in the series, but changes his attire into that of full armour after joining the Demon Hunting Team.

The first weapon he is shown to use is a pitch black staff, approximately 3 meters long, and as think as a person's arm, with a dim yellow gem inlaid at it's very tip. This is later exchanged for at large mace-like silver ball, progressively inlaid with gems as time passes.


Personality Edit

Despite is imposing appearance, Sima Xian is quite friendly and open to most people, the exception being those who openly attempt to antagonize him. When with the other members of his Demon Hunting Team, he takes on the traits of a silly younger brother, expressing an over-eager immaturity.

History Edit

Sima's mother is a priest, while his deceased father was a warrior. Afraid that her son would follow his father's footsteps, his mother trained him to become a priest. However, as he inherited his father's talents, he developed his awkward set of traits as a priest with the ability to use a warrior's abilities such as "Madness", and an inability to use support magic.

Sima Xian first meets Long Haochen on the way to the demon raid competition. He is being bullied by Gui Wu. Long Haochen protects Xian from Glorious Scattering Fire Dance with his saint spiritual stove. Gui Wu leaves after deciding to honor the plan to wait to face Long Haochen in the preliminary matches for the demon raid competition. At the demon raid competition Xian faces Lin Xin, Xin’er comments how its funny how the roles in the battle are reversed with the priest attacking and a magician defending. Sima wins the battle against Lin Xin because he is a priest surviving for 10 minutes is considered a win. Sima Xian fought against Ca’er at the demon raid competition. He lost to her.

Plot Edit

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