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Spiritual stoves are spiritual smelting furnaces. It's one of the most valuable magical treasures in nature. Each spiritual stove has their unique properties, even if different people practice using the same stove, the result produced will be different. Currently there are a total of 74 spiritual stoves, among those 23 are compatible with knights. Elemental Spiritual Stove are very beneficial for mages since when they are used they are like fairies that support the mage in battle. Elemental Spiritual Stove can evolve 3 times.

Long Xingyu had told Long Haochen that spiritual stoves were also classified into tiers, encompassing five different levels. Among them, the Saint Spiritual Stove Long Haochen possessed only reached the fifth, which was also the lowest one.

The tiers of spiritual stoves were divided based on their utility as well as their might and potential for growth, and also their overall evaluation.

The reason why the Saint Spiritual Stove was only at the fifth tier was that its particular nurturing ability had never been published by the Knight Temple, or else, it would very possibly have reached the third tier.

The great majority of the spiritual stoves of the fifth tier were either defensive or support-oriented, but very few were offensive spiritual stoves. Generally, they only carried a single ability, and had merely a possibility of evolving twice. The Saint Spiritual Stove was the only exception to this among spiritual stoves of the fifth tier. In the opinion of a lot of people, the greatest utility of the Saint Spiritual Stove lied in its use by a user with a relatively low level of cultivation, acting as the core of his team. However, with the increase of one’s cultivation, the Saint Spiritual Stove’s utility will decrease.

At the fourth tier, diverse spiritual stoves would be present. The overwhelming majority of them didn’t only possess one ability, and this was their main difference with the spiritual stoves of the fifth tier.

Spiritual stoves of the third tier also possessed two or more abilities, and were bound to reach a certain level of power in battle. The Saint Spiritual Stove Long Haochen possessed only had a pulling or attracting ability, whose ranges were also limited. They were effectful, but they couldn’t be called really powerful. Cai’er’s Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove belonged to the third tier.

At the second tier were the most powerful spiritual stoves known to humans. Among the 74 spiritual stoves known in total, only 7 reached this tier, each of which had at the least three abilities. Of course, their backlash effects were also be quite severe. There were also some with a single ability among this tier, but it would be an ability with incomparable power. Like for instance the Spiritual Stove which Cai’er’s father possessed.

Being able to get a spiritual stove of the third tier would let the user’s strength rise by a wide margin. As for a spiritual stove of the second tier, it was even known as having the ability of turning around an undesirable situation in times of war. And furthermore, the higher ranked the spiritual stove was, the more would it increase the user’s strength.

If Sheng Lingxin had attained the ninth step of cultivation, even inflicting damage to demon gods among the top ten in the ranking wouldn’t be impossible by using his Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood.

As for spiritual stoves of the first tier, only one existed at the present time, and it was Cai’er’s Spiritual Stove of Samsara.

Spiritual stoves of the first tier weren’t classified as such for the number of abilities they possessed, but for the bursting power erupting when they were unleashed. The requirements for a spiritual stove to be classified at the first tier were very simple, it only had to make up for two steps of difference.

If a spiritual stove could permit its user to kill powerhouses two steps above their own cultivation, this spiritual stove would then be ranked at the first tier. Until this day, only Cai’er’s Spiritual Stove of Samsara had managed to fulfil these criteria. Of course, its backlash was also very huge, loss of the six senses.

At that time, when Long Xingyu had told Long Haochen about the five tiers of spiritual stoves, he had also told Long Haochen a last thing; that in legends, another type of spiritual stoves existed, which could even exceed the first tier. However, it had been said to have only appeared in legends.

It had never existed in the history of the Temple Alliance, but it had been reported that once in the Glorious Era, the emperor of the most powerful of the three empires had possessed that kind of spiritual stove.

In legends, that type of spiritual stove was known as intelligent spiritual stove. That was to say that the main body of the spiritual stove didn’t take the shape of a heavenly treasure, but had a genuine living body, possessing advanced knowledge and intelligence. The possible evolution's for such a spiritual stove were unlimited, thus making its assessment hard.