Shen Yin Wang Zuo Wikia

The Spiritual Temple is part of the Temple Alliance, they are located at the borders of the temple alliance similar to the other temples except for the Knight Temple. Along with the Assassin Temple they are known to be the most mysterious and to have the least amount of people in the Temple Alliance. They don't set up branch halls in small cities.

Ranking System[]

Rank Stage Spiritual Energy
1 Spirituality 10-100
2 Spirit Scholar 101-200
3 Summoner 201-500
4 Grand Summoner 501-2,000
5 Beastmaster 2001-4,000
6 Eudemons 4,001-10,000
7 Spiritualist 10,001-30,000
8 Spiritual Emperor 30,001-100,000
9 Soul Emperor 100,001- 999,999

Known Summoners[]