Starlight Unicorn
Starlight Unicorn 3
Name Starlight Unicorn
Chinese 星耀独角兽
Also Known As
Species Unicorn
Rank 8th Step Peak Rank SE ~10,000
Attribute Light

Description Edit

They have a snow white body, gold-colored mane, and a spiral pattern drawn on the front of their proud faces. Each one of them has a pair of enormous wings, pure-white colored wings with gold-colored feathers at the edge.

Regardless of whether on the sky or on the ground, they are extremely powerful. In addition, unicorns are gentle beasts, and relatively docile. Without a doubt, they are also arrogant. However they are very honest as well.

Starlight Unicorns are among the most commonly known kinds of unicorns. A fully grown Starlight Unicorn is a peak eighth step magical beast. Its strength is just a step away from that of a ninth step magical beast, second only to the ninth step Divine Unicorn. The leader of the Starlight Unicorn being able to reach the 9th Step should it be with Long Haochen.

Encounters Edit

Long Haochen Edit

Long Haochen encounters a Starlight Unicorn in the Knights' Sacred Mountain while searching for a mount. Haochen inquires if he would become his mount but the Starlight Unicorn declines stating he is not qualified to become the mount of the Scion of Light and also that within the Knights' Sacred Mountain there is none who is qualified.

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