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Alliance that includes the Knight Temple, theWarrior Temple, the Assassin Temple, the Mage Temple, the Priest Temple and the Spiritual Temple. These six temples united in order to guard the last territory of humanity. The temple alliance only occupy a quarter of the mainland. The positions of all of the Six Great Temples were at the borders of the Temple Alliance, completely surrounding it and protecting its territory. The headquarters of the Knight Temple was actually at its center, and the six Temples were approximately at equal distance to the center of the territory. Because of the apprehension and the protection brought by these Six Great Temples, for so many years, the demon race was unable to proceed with their invasion of the human lands.

Temple Alliance was formed in order to protect humanity from the terror of the 72 Demons Gods and their armies.

Among the Six Great Temples, the Knight Temple was the most formidable, the Warrior Temple had the most people, and the Mage Temple was the richest.

The strength of the Knight Temple and the Warrior Temple was known in almost each village. The influence of the Mage Temple also extended to most towns, from little ones to big ones.

The Assassin Temple, the Priest Temple, and the Spiritual Temple, because of their lesser number of members, only had branch halls in big cities: even in a medium sized city like Hao Yue City, there was only a Priest Temple, and the most mysterious ones, the Assassin Temple and Spiritual Temple, never set up a branch hall there.


  1. Knight Temple
  2. Warrior Temple
  3. Assassin Temple
  4. Mage Temple
  5. Priest Temple
  6. Spiritual Temple

Spiritual Energy []

Step Spiritual Energy Rank 1 Spiritual Energy Rank 9
1 10 100
2 101 200
3 201 500
4 501 2,000
5 2001 4,000
6 4,001 10,000
7 10,001 30,000
8 30,001 100,000
9 100,001 1,000,000
10 1,000,000 100,000,000