Alliance's Great Stadium
Name Alliance's Great Stadium
Also Known As
City Holy City

Description Edit

Alliance’s Great Stadium is used for the Demon Hunt Selection, as well as the place where Demon Hunt Squads took their missions. It was so important that its influence was equivalent to that of the Six Great Temples. It could be said that all of the Six Great Temples’ powerhouses had, together, the same influence as the Demon Hunt Squads. It's also the building that covered the widest area in the city. It was a circular building with a diameter of 300 meters that covered the six areas of the city. Furthermore, it included the Demon Hunt Exclusive Missions Tower, the Demon Hunt Transactions Center, and the Temples’ Treasure Vault.

Places Edit

  • Knight Arena
  • Mage Arena
  • Assassin Arena
  • Warrior Arena
  • Priest Arena
  • Spiritual Arena