Vibrant Mountain Bird
Vibrant Mountain Bird 2
Name Vibrant Mountain Bird
Chinese 飞魔兽
Status Alive
Species Vibrant Mountain Bird
Rank 6th Rank
Attribute Earth
Partner Ye Hua

Appearance Edit

It is a big bird with its whole body colored light yellow. Its height is over two and a half meters, its yellow feathers are in exotic circular shapes, and its head is also perfectly round. Its body looks very rough and tough, and there seems to be a faint earth-element yellow layer of light emanating from it.

History Edit

Ye Hua having been cast out due to his low Innate Spiritual Energy, he by himself walked to the Knights' Sacred Mountain. He was unable to find any magical beast no matter how small they were to become his friend and mount and as he was despairing and crying the Vibrant Mountain Bird came and landed on his shoulder acknowledging him as his partner and they have been close to each other ever since.

Plot Edit

The Vibrant Mountain Bird carries Ye Hua and Long Haochen to the Knights' Sacred Mountain. As Ye Hua gets emotional while telling his past to Haochen, the Vibrant Mountain Bird consoles him sensing his mood.