Shen Yin Wang Zuo Wikia

Also known as the Soldier Temple. The Warrior Temple is part of the Temple Alliance. This temple is known to have the largest amount of people, it's head quarter is located at the border of the Temple Alliance similar to the others except for the Knight Temple. It most likely the 'mob army' supplier, as well as the most durable besides defense specalized Knights.

Ranking System[]

Rank Stage Spiritual Energy
1 Warrior Apprentice 10-100
2 Warrior 101-200
3 War Master 201-500
4 War GrandMaster 501-2,000
5 War Honour 2001-4,000
6 War Ancestor 4,001-10,000
7 War King 10,001-30,000
8 War Emperor 30,001-100,000
9 War God 100,001- 999,999