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Yang Wenzhao
Yang Wenzhao
Name Yang Wenzhao
Also Known As
Race Human
Age 26-27 (8 years older than Haochen)
Gender Male
Height Taller than Hao Chen
Hair Color
Eye Color Orange
Personal Status
Status Captured
Relatives Chen Ying'er (Fiancee)

Yang Haohan (Grandfather)

Professional Status
Class Retribution knight
Rank Earth Knight 3rd Rank
Innate Spiritual Energy
Spiritual Energy 2300-2499 inner spiritual energy

100+ outer spiritual energy

Light Novel Debut
Manhua Debut

Appearance Edit

Yang Wengzhao is a handsome young man with a slender build and light blond hair.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Plot Edit

He fights Long Hao Chen at the Demon Raid team Selection Competition. At this stage he is a 5th step knight. During a competition match he defeats and injures Long Hao Chen. This causes Long Haochen to miss an arranged meeting time with Cai'er. When she discovers that Yan Weng Zhao injured Hao Chen she attacks Zhao in his hotel room. She uses her Thousand strike spiritual stove to break Yan Wen Zhao’s spiritual stove, which he used to injure Haochen.

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